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PARKSIDE MEMORIES Updated May 7, 2013

On this page of the site we will feature images and your memories of the neighborhood and friends we grew up with.  Places like Chandler Park, the "pool", Parkside, Harper, Uptown, Cinderella, Vogue and Admiral Theater's, Connor Warren Shopping Center, Tex the produce man, the "Little Jeep", Parkside Market, the "Brown House",  Stringham Court, the Power House, the skating rink, the "Rec", Parkside Bowling alley and that's only the beginning.  Send or e-mail your Parkside Memories, photos or scans of photo's or Parkside memorabilia.  We are currently trying to locate a Parkside office rent receipt or any Parkside notice or event flyer. 

Also attempting to obtain copies of receipts or handbills from any of the neighborhood stores or merchants i.e. Top Hat, Big Boy, Cupids items, Harper or local theater ticket stubs or anything related  to Parkside  and the surrounding neighborhood and businesses.  Send your scans or photos to mrlee@mrleeonline.com as an e-mail attachment or you may mail them to Parkside History Preservation Project, 4301 Ormond Road. White Lake, Michigan 48383.  Safe return for any items submitted is guaranteed. All contributors will be acknowledged and posted credit for any photos, memorabilia or data submitted.

Larry Maier Memory

Lived with my parents I believe around 1948-1951 across street from I believe the rec building and taking the alleys to catch a school bus someplace close to Warren I think. The apartment was up stairs on the very end of the building on the street where Chandler Park was.

I remember having to have milk delivered with a horse and wagon and I think mom and dad use to take us to Chandler Park late in the HOT summer nights to cool off I thought it was a lake at the time). I did get lost in the Chandler park woods once.

I do remember them taking me to Cupids and going to the Detroit city Airport and park along the fence watching planes come in. We also had relatives living in the apartments down the street from Chandler Park I think the street was Anderdon or something like that. Was the school name Hutchinson?

Larry Maier

Jesse "Howard" Hanson Memory
Mr. Lee,
Wow!!! You gotta be kidding me!!! This site is "EPIC". The Memories those photo's brought back. Plus the additional history... we grew up in the second "alley" from the corner of Warren and Conner from 1962 until 1982. Seeing the initial construction of our building is amazing! I can see our back door in your "The Neighborhood" photo.

My name is Jesse "Howard" Hanson. Everyone that knows me from the "Hood", knows me as Howard. My entire childhood was spent in "The Bricks". The East Side of Detroit, Parkside Projects at Chandler Park, 5102 Conner, Unit 31, phone number (313) 823-4574. It's amazing how your mind is like a computer... the data is there, it just has to be retrieved.

I learned to swim at Gardner Pool, learned to box at the "Rec" and learned to skate at the "Ice Skating Rink". Many of "roadwork" laps started and ended at the Brown House. I have many fond memories of Parkside along with a few tragic ones. We were just as poor as the next family and that fostered my attitude that we were all the same. Our friendships were bonds that no outside opinion could penetrate. I consider all of my childhood brothers and sisters as family.

Where in the "first alley" did you live? I remember your alley well. We would always come to your alley to get our rubber coated baseballs that were hit over the roof from the playground in the "middle". The "middle" was the long walkway that started at Stringham Court and ended on the other side of Anderdon. If you were there until the early 70's, then you had to have known our family. When we moved to Parkside, there was Mom, Dad, Cindi, Jimmy, Helene, me and my sister Anne. Joyce, Jeanie, and Tina Marie came later. I remember Mrs. Martin lived in that alley, the "Long" family, and the Joshua family, just to name a few.

I learned so much there. I remember that a 33 gal metal trash can up against the wall was just as good an any basketball hoop there was. Later on a bicycle rim without the spokes nailed to a tree worked too. I remember the bike ride to Hamilton Elementary school when I was too young to walk by myself. I remember my Mom telling me to walk on the sidewalk when the police came past us because it was illegal to ride 2 on a bike. While a lot of names have slipped my memory... I do remember quite a few. A lot of families came and went while we lived there. I remember Granny (Bertie DeSaulte) lived next door to us on one end of our building and the Bradleys on the other. The Haleys lived across the alley, and when they moved, Mrs. Adams and her 2 grandkids moved in. Rosemary was at the end of that building near Conner. Granny was a precious french lady born in 1895 and our families were close. The Bradleys had as many kids as we did and we were even closer. Granny's granddaughter Karen was married to Phil McCreery and they lived near "Parkside", the store in front of the Power House. Phil could be seen either riding his Moped or pushing a lawnmower. Phil taught me my landscaping skills and that became my "hustle" in the summertime. My hustle in the wintertime was shoveling snow. But before all that... my hustle was bagging groceries and taking them to customers cars for nickels and dimes. That was big money back in the mid-60's. That is where I learned the value of working hard for your money. Everything I have, I've earned with my 2 hands.

I've always wondered what kind of "cannon" that was. I looked over every inch of that at one time or another trying to figure out how it worked and where the "bullets" went. I've spend many of afternoons perched up on top shooting "my" cannon at the enemy. Old war movies provided plenty of enemies. You've answered a life long question of mine and I thank you.

Thank you for such a wonderful site. I'm sure we will talk again.

Bruce Garcia Memory
Hi lee:
My family moved Into Parkside in 1953, and I went into the Navy. I came out in 1958 and we moved into  Parkside. I met some great guy's and Girl's and we played a lot of sport's we had a great Ball team and
won a lot of title's. I played a lot of Football Semi-pro for a while. and later I was the Boxing Intrs: at the Rec; I also bought a 1964 Chevelle at Glenn Walker on E Warren across the street. Just down the street
from Cupid's. My brother's Best friend was Mike ?? who lived across from Cupid's, they had a band and use to play at the Rec; for their dance's. I only made one Parkside Reunion because I was Coaching a travel men's team and We went to the World's every year at  that time. Maybe this year I will be the year.
My Brother is Bob Garcia he went on to play with the Reflection's (Just like Romeo and Juliet song)
Kerry Gelles Memory
Mr. Lee

Wow! What a great endeavor on your part. Found your web-site via Detroitmemories.com. We lived on 5334 Frankfort Ct. from 1953-1956. I attended Hutchinson Elementary from 1954-1956. I have such great memories of Parkside. We never thought of ourselves as "Poor" as most of the people we knew were in the same financial position. I never ever remember going hungry, thanks to a little help from the government, we always had enough to eat.
We always had something going on, in the summer there was the rec. where we could go swimming or play in the park. I remember my dad playing a lot of horseshoes. In the winter we skated at the ice rink. I continued to attend the ice rink for another 10 years!
I will try and get the few pics I have of Parkside together and send them in to you.

Again, thanks. Hope to see a lot more input on your website.

Kerry Gelles
Christine Keith Azar Memory 
My name is Christine Azar maiden name was Christine Keith I lived in Park side from 1949 to /1960.My parents moved in May 1,1949 and she had me May 3,1949. Their were 11kids in my family 6 boys and 5 girls. We lived at 12035 Frankfort directly across the street from the cannon. My brothers were big boxers at the rec center. My brother Eddie won golden gloves as did my brother John. Parkside was the best part of my life. My mom Jeannette Keith died in 1987. And my dad Alvah died in a fire in 1967. I still see some of my park side friends. What a great time to go up and we made life long friends.

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