The Parkside Cannon Restoration Project

Update May 6, 2013

I have tried numerous resources to get support for the preservation and restoration of this project but have had no success. If any of you are veterans or armed services personal retired perhaps you might contact someone in the veterans service to seek their help. I will continue to do everything I can to help. Please contact me at my contact number below.

The "Cannon" as is referred to is located at the corner of Frankfort and Connor on the site of the original Parkside Homes. After researching I discovered that this cannon is a French 155 mm M1917 Schneider howitzer manufactured in 1917.  is the same type of gun used by the 1st Battalion, 5th Field Artillery, First Division, commanded by Robert R. McCormick at the Battle of Cantigny, May 28-31, 1918. The American Expeditionary Forces used French artillery because space on troop ships was limited and manpower was needed more than heavy equipment. Later, the Americans provided carriages, such as the M1918A3, and the French supplied the tubes and breech mechanisms. This howitzer had a maximum range of nearly 11,000 yards and could fire high explosive, poison gas, and smoke rounds. It weighs about 8,238 pounds. The French fitted these guns with steel wheels and pneumatic, rubber tires for motorized use in the early years of World War II.

It is my desire to restore the cosmetic appearance of the cannon and replace its commemorative plaque which was stolen.  Insuring that the plaque is theft and vandal proof will be a top priority. We wish to honor the men and women of Parkside by restoring this important part of our military and community history. I am seeking the assistance of the VFW, a bronze marker company that will donate their services and volunteers to restore the cannon back to its original finish. Watch this page for updates, fund raising efforts and news.  Thanks for honoring our veterans of Parkside and for keeping the Parkside memories alive.  

If you can assist with this project please send an e-mail to or call Mr. Lee at 248-529-6554 with your contact information.

Missing memorial plaque which was stolen from the site (see top photo

I have created this graphic image of the proposed replacement plaque to be placed at the cannon site.  Additional lines will be added at the bottom of this plaque or to an additional small plaque beneath it with the plaques rededication date and the individuals who made the memorial project possible.

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